Acerca de mi

Pastor Paul Bae y su familia.

Pastor Bae studied in Laidlaw College with the help and love of Hanouri Church (Pastor Nam) located in Auckland, New Zealand.

With the professors’ help, he was active for the program, Refugee and Protection and Drug Arm Volunteer. He received missionary training for ten years in the Hanouri Church’s Sunday school and immigration ministry. Also he served as the New Zealand KOSTA steward. In 2014, he became an associate pastor of the Korean Church in Guatemala. As the general secretary of Kosta Central America, he is currently coordinating the NGO Vision Care and GMMA (Global Medical Mission).

Now he established a healthy church community United with the Love of God and a love rather than the Guatemalan population. So on October 14, 2018, he planted the church with high will in prayer and God’s guidance to serve as the church having God as the center of the church. In order to serve the local mission field in Guatemala more beautifully, he is dedicated to the ministry as Secretary General through meeting and fellowship with the Group of Good Samaritan. In addition, he is contributing to the vision of establishing the next generation of the Hwarang Youth Foundation, President Howard Park. Now he is devoted to many missionary activists as well as GGS Korean American School and soccer mission school.

Pastor Bae is married to Sujin Sim and has 4 kids, Gahee, Heechan, Rahee, and Yechan.


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